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Yeah, if you stick the vastly over hyped over priced machine in your time machine and go back about 15 years! Know the most popular antivirus in the Corporate environment It's Symantec. Guess who make Norton Its been many many years since Norton was the resource hog most remember it as Its a bit like Chinese whispers really, most people have never even tried it, just heard from a friend of a friend who read some misinformed post on a web forum Nothing wrong with Norton..

I don't see anything that suggests the first year is free. Nothing wrong with Norton at all. Funny how a name still carries the haters even though for the past 8 years it's been totally re-written and far superior to the majority of competitors. Lightweight, certainly not bloated and for me wins on detection rate. Norton has not been heavy on resources since the rebrand. They also fixed the uninstall issues too. Tbh with Windows 10 I wouldn't really bother anymore built in defender is fine for the majority. Each to their own.

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I randomly found the deal and the code still worked indeed. I also saw the same I cancelled just to make sure I won't forget and it's working fine. Voted hot. Tried the new Norton from a trial with my mobo and after using it years ago and hating it, I really got to enjoy it now. I hope it performs well and I might even renew again. Thanks for the coupon! Not quite true the Amazon price is for 5 devices where the offer above is for 10 devices.

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However the coupon code does not appear to work. Welcome to You've obviously used or read reviews of Norton from a few years back Norton is nothing like this now.

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Hasn't been for a few years now. Because they're for ever giving away free keys for 6 or 9 months, haven't paid yet. Plus BD gets very good reviews. Why did you swap to bitdefender if it was good? I use Bitdefender but find my PC takes a while to load ok once loaded. Always used Norton, the recent ones worked well without slowing my laptop.

Easy to uninstall when I swapped to Bitdefender.


Be warned that they did get into trouble once for implanting viruses when they key had run out so people would renew to remove the virus, I personally don't see a point in AV for phones and tablets as I really only DL from places I know. I could be completely wrong but this appears to be the Norton Yellow card promotion - as indeed was the previous one if this is the case it is not valid in this country. Eligibility 1. You really don't have a clue what you are talking about.

Mobile security software is not about viruses, it is primarily about data and device security. Further, anyone with an Android device or Jailbroken iOS device absolutely should be considering virus protection.

Anyone with any for of device absolutely should have security software and malware protection. The simple fact that you refer to this being an anti-virus demonstrates your ignorance on the subject. Just to highlight this further, The product is called "Mobile Security" and NO WHERE on the web page for this product does it use the term anti-virus or antivirus depending upon how you want to spell it.

I am not an expert on pc's nor am I stupid enough to think these programs doing everything by themselves. I do know how to use Malwarebytes, been using it for years and several scans found nothing. Jumping to conclusions about people, show's who knows nothing! Malwarebytes isn't an active product, you have to manually scan unless you purchase the Pro version. Your "tech" guy, knows nothing. On both pc's I installed the trial from their website.

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  8. In case anyone else comes across this thread the Norton Yellow card promotion is not valid in this country. If you get your apps from verified sites you're as safe as your likely ever to be. There is no need for this kind of software. Tired of norton slowing you pc down and hogging your resources? Then why not get Norton for your smartphone and experience the same great slowdown on your mobile too!

    We can get that state of the art phone running like your old mobile in no time ;-. Heat added as it's a saving. Installed it on my iPhone but can't see what extra it offers over what Apple do anyway? I'm with desherpherd here. Since through there has been a marked transformation in Norton products. I've been using on several PC's and it just works, is now very light weight, compared to other products and for what it does, and doesn't slow your machine down as much as it's Norton reputation would suggest.

    Yes it costs, but you can usually find a good deal if you look around. Often virus companies charge full list price for renewals but this time found Norton offering a special deal for renewals. Yeah that's totally not a problem for most people as they do complete backups and so this would be a super money saving idea.

    Oh wait If you've got Norton installed, a factory reset every 90 days is probably a good idea anyway. If you bought a new laptop and it came with Norton for 90 days just keep factory resetting your laptop when it runs out, never pay for it again lol. Just use windows security essentials. Free to download on xp, vista and 7, ore installed on windows 8. It's free, officially from Microsoft and i haven't had a virus in the past 6 years?

    Doesn't slow down a computer at all either, very minimal. Norton ends up hindering your computer than helping it. You can disable anything norton tries to add on when you set it up easily, and luckily for me mine's paid for by company but yeah when it runs out I'll have a look at stuff you've recommended The price. Free for six months, then pay for six months And I'll bet Norton STILL interferes with other programmes and changes your default search - because that never a 'fault', it was always selling piggybacks to crap software comapanies.

    Hi everyone.

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    Have tried to use the link to purchase internet security but UK doesn't appear in the country options when address information is being input. Has anyone any ideas? Got it to renew v. Hi, I'd this still live? I used the link above and added the code and got a message saying please use valid coupon code, no price reduction. I don't care what people use, but saying that paid software is pointless makes you look a tad daft. Also, hate to break it to you but Macs can get virus's these days.